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If you find a resource that would be good to list here, please send it to us at  The best resources are peer-reviewed scientific studies, but articles from reputable media outlets are also helpful.  Thank you!

PIPE Activity

Nov. 25, 2020 Judge's Order on TRO Request

Judge's Order: Legal Filing

Nov. 23, 2020 Defendants Response to Federal Complaint

Defendants Response w/Exhibits: Legal Filing

Nov. 20, 2020  Federal Lawsuit v. Montgomery County

Declaratory Judgment Complaint:  Legal Filing

Motion for TRO - Legal Filing

Brief in Support of TRO - Legal Filing

Nov. 20, 2020  County Lawsuit v. Montgomery County:  Decisions & Findings

Memorandum Of Findings And Legal Conclusions

Download the filing here:  Legal Filing

Nov.19, 2020  County Lawsuit v. Montgomery County

Defense Brief in Opposition to Petition for Special and Preliminary Injunction

Download the filing here:  Legal Filing

Declaration of Lauren Hughes, Esquire:  Legal Filing

Nov. 18, 2020:  County Lawsuit v. Montgomery County 

Legal Complaint v. Montgomery County Board of Commissioners, Valerie Arkoosh, Kenneth Lawrence, Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, Janet Panning, Richard Lorraine, Montgomery County Board of Health, Michael Laign, Francis Jeyaraj, Steven Katz, Barbara Wadsworth, and Martin Trichtinger

Download the filing here:  Legal Filing

Emergency Petition for Special and Preliminary Injunction

Download the filing here:  Emergency Petition

News / Media

Jan. 3, 2021: Re-open Schools in 2021? The available data, as compiled by a science teacherSimkinsPhysicsCorner

Nov. 17, 2020:  Are We Seriously Talking About Closing Schools Again?, New York Times, Dr. Aaron E. Carroll, professor of pediatrics

Dec. 9, 2020: More Bucks Co. Kids Getting COVID, But Cases Not Traced To School

January 2021: Survey Results - Impact of Remote learning Philly and PA Suburbs

January 2021:  Harvard Study shows it is safe to reduce social distancing in classrooms  linked to Washington Post Article.

School Board Resources

This section contains resources for working with your local School Board or Board of Education to get students back in school - click on the link to access the documents.

Getting Your School Board on Board

Current Class Action Lawsuit against 10 Southeast PA School Districts and the PDE

Homemade Parent Video sent to the Council Rock School District (Bucks County) Board Members

Video Waiver Form

Sample Slide Deck from Zoom meeting with Council Rock (Bucks County) Board Members

Data to Support Your Cause - links to articles and data supporting in-school education

Sample Emails for use in Contacting Your School Board/Superintendent/Administration

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3  

Sample 4

Sample 5

Who to Contact for Help with Rallying Your School Board

If you have any questions about how best to implement the suggestions in this document, please contact PIPE member, Misty Law Flurry, via FB PM or

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